• Eyebright Fights Microbes and Inflammation

    European researchers have been looking at what makes eyebright tick and why it has long been regarded in traditional folk medicine as a helpful herb for eye conditions.  Turns out that eyebright supports more than eye health.  Wikipedia describes eyebright as having  possible benefits not only for blepharitis and conjunctivitis, but for eye strain, colds … Continue reading “Eyebright Fights Microbes and Inflammation”

  • ReVision Formula Uses Classic Chinese Medicine for Liver to Improve Eyes

    What is ReVision formula, and how can its classic Chinese medicinal ingredients help improve eye health and conditions such as eye floaters? ReVision formula is a liquid taken orally several times per day with water. This tincture is based on Rambling Powder, also known as Xiao Yao San. ReVision Formula is designed to support healthy vision. Some of … Continue reading “ReVision Formula Uses Classic Chinese Medicine for Liver to Improve Eyes”

  • Diet and supplements may be helpful for floaters

    Most floaters are the result of bits of cells that remain in the vitreous humor after birth and float around when the vitreous becomes more liquified later in life. Over 50% of people over 70 years of age report seeing floaters. Most floaters are age-related. The vitreous humor thickens and clumps as we age, and … Continue reading “Diet and supplements may be helpful for floaters”