Reduce Weight and Relieve Computer Eye Strain By Getting Up From Your Chair Often

There is new research that suggests that long periods of sitting can be linked to heart problems and poor health, even in people who exercise regularly.  The research, published in the European Heart Journal, found that those who spend a lot of time in a chair were more likely to carry weight around their waists, have lower levels of “good cholesterol,” and experience more inflammation.

The researchers did find, however, that getting up frequently – even for very short periods of just a minute at a time – was enough to slim waistlines and lower C-reactive protein levels, which are markers of inflammation.

According to this story’s source, WebMD, “The study suggests even small changes could help, like standing up to take phone calls, walking to see a colleague rather than phoning or emailing, and centralizing trash cans and printers so you have to walk to them.”


The added benefit of taking frequent breaks from your chair?  You give your eyes a rest as well.  Computer eye strain is effecting more and people – causing discomfort, cutting down on productivity, and potentially leading to eye disease.