Research on Reversing Color Blindness

Color Blindness
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Scientists trying to understand the origins of color blindness have a favorite movie.

Australian researchers are trying to find out which part of the brain responds to color so that they might find a therapy for patients who have lost their color vision due to brain injuries or strokes.

Rather than use the usual colored dots and squares while observing subjects with a functional MRI scanner, the researchers used clips from the colorful dance movie Strictly Ballroom, because, according to study authors from The Vision Centre, “there’s a lot going on visually that will engage the brain, and, in light of the subject matter, it has a lot of vivid colours.”

Showing the same clip in color and then in black and white to subjects allowed scientists to isolate a specific part of the brain of the brain that deals with color – this challenges the existing theory that color is processed across several parts of the brain.