Silicon in Bottled Water Can Help Women With Osteoporosis

Scientists interested in counteracting osteoporosis and decreases in bone density are researching how the silicon found in bottled water from artesian wells can help postmenopausal women with low bone mass. Silicon is required in trace amounts for normal bone formation.

This study, published in Nutrition Journal, shows that drinking such water from artesian aquifers is a good source of silicon.  The trials only lasted 12 weeks, not enough time to show changes in the subjects’ bone markers, but researchers are optimistic and believe that further study is warranted.

Because standard treatments such as bisphosphonate drugs and hormone replacement therapy have been associated with osteonecrosis (bone death caused by decreased blood supply) or increased cardiovascular risk, it is important to find new options for women that have fewer debilitating and life threatening side effects.

There are many other compounds that can help combat osteoporosis including magnesium, vitamin D, and copper.

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Source: Nutrition Journal