Statin Drugs and Muscle Injuries

blood test for high cholesterol statin drugsPatients taking statin drugs to lower cholesterol might be more likely to get muscle injuries, especially elderly patients.(1) Side effects and adverse reactions, according to other research, may include increased stroke risk, higher risk of Type II Diabetes, low iron, pancreatic dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, suppressed immune system, muscle pain, and more.

Be aware that increased incidence of cataracts may also be linked with statin drugs.  A study(2) suggests that statin drugs are associated with an increased risk of cataracts in both men and women. In the study, cataracts risk went up within 12 months of starting statin drugs, continued while taking the drug, and dropped back to normal within 12 months of getting off the drug.

At Natural Eye Care, we recommend that statin drugs’ users should take the supplement CoQ10. Insufficient levels of CoQ10 in the body may result in damaged mitochondrial DNA, increased free radicals, and loss of cellular energy.

Before taking a statin drug, talk to your doctor about the side effects, and examine all your options including diet, exercise, and other ways to manage cholesterol levels.

1. “Effect of Statins on Creatine Kinase Levels Before and After a Marathon Run.” Parker et. al. The American Journal of Cardiology 2011 Oct 27.

2. “Statin use associated with increased risk of cataract, myopathy, liver dysfunction and acute renal failure with varying numbers needed to harm.” Foody, Joanne. BMJ (Volume 340, page 2197)