Strengthen Your Muscles from Your Eyes to Your Toes

exercise for the elderly including the eyesWhen you are in your 30’s, your skeletal muscle mass will peak. After that, they will reduce slightly in number and size every year. By the time you are in your 50’s, 15% of muscle mass may be lost, and by your 80’s, as much as 30% of muscle mass may be lost.

Obviously, strength training is crucial to strengthen your muscles and  increase their size. Being strong and fit helps maintain good health and energy, reduces osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease, burns calories for weight management, improves sleep, cuts cancer risk, and much more!

Everyone should make exercise a priority throughout their lives. However, up to 75% of older Americans do not get enough exercise.(1)

It is generally recommended that older adults should do strength training two or three times per week, performing 10-15 repetitions of approximately 8 to 10 different exercises.(1)

Recent research presented by Dr. Wayne Westcott at a American College of Sports Medicine chapter conference(2) showed that for people over age 50, strength training twice a week is sufficient; three times a week may not give older bodies enough time to recover. It is during “recovery” that muscles repair and build.

Before starting a strength training or fitness program, always consult a physician.

And don’t forget your eyes. Your eye movement is controlled by muscles. Your eyes need oxygen and nutrients to thrive. Doing  these free eye exercise for vision fitness can help support healthy circulation in the eye area and keep them strong. Whether you have an eye condition or not, eye exercises should be part of your strength training program to maintain youth.

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