Study: How Does Glaucoma Influence Patients’ Lives?


In addition to significantly compromising vision, glaucoma is a disease that also takes an emotional toll, according to a new study in the April issue of the Journal of Advanced Nursing.


This study of 24 Chinese individuals with glaucoma showed that there are many fears associated with the disease including concerns about blindness and how the condition may effect other family members.  Many who were on medication, such as eye drops, were found to be self-administering them incorrectly.

Despite the relatively common nature of glaucoma in China, study participants knew little about the disease before they were diagnosed, leading researchers to conclude that there needs to be more public education about glaucoma as well as increased  support available to those who have received a glaucoma diagnosis.

According to the source for this story, Science Daily, “Some used traditional Chinese herbs like Wolfberry and Ginseng and the martial art of Tai Chi to help manage their condition. Others avoided spicy food to keep their condition stable. [According to one participant,]”Some food will get you into trouble like seafood and leek. They contain too much Yang, which can do harm to the eyes.”

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