New Supplement Package for Retinal Support

macular puckerA macular pucker is most common in seniors. A slow-progressing problem, the epiretinal membrane is like a layer of thin plastic wrap. Sometimes when this membrane contracts in seniors, it causes wrinkling of the retina. The symptoms include central vision distortion and blurring. Macular swelling may also ensue.

Doctors have limited options for treating macular pucker. Wait-and-see and using the Amsler grid for screening are common. Doctors may recommend vitrectomy surgery for profound vision loss.

At Natural Eye Care, we offer a supplement package aimed at supporting the retina and epiretinal membrane. The supplements in the package are designed to help break down and eliminate waste in the eyes. Additionally, the nutrients help reduce inflammation. They are:

  • Advanced Eye and Vision Support Formula: Designed by Dr. Grossman at Natural Eye Care. Superb for overall vision support and with whole food vitamins, wild crafted herbals, and antioxidants for vision health.
  • Dr. Grossman’s Herbal Retinal Support based on traditional Chinese medicine. Supports the retina and reduces general inflammation.
  • Krill Oil, 1000mg: Safe, superior source of omega-3 fatty acids for reducing inflammation. Natural source of astaxanthin, an excellent and rare vision-supporting antioxidant.
  • Serrapeptase 800mg: Digestive enzymes that help digestion, therefore supporting heart and artery health. Helps reduce inflammation.

The packages are Epi Retinal Support Package 1 (1-month supply) and Epi Retinal Support Package 2 (3 months).

Macular Puckers & Eye Disease: A Cascading Effect

Macular pucker is associated with other eye conditions such as retinal detachment, vitreous detachment, eye trauma, and diabetic retinopathy. Seniors who have one eye condition tend to develop more eye conditions – a cascading effect. The eyes use more nutrients per cubic inch than any other organ in the body. However, research shows that poorly nourished eyes can develop a host of eye diseases. Oxidization and inflammation are at the root of most eye disease in seniors. Digestion becomes less efficient over time, often necessitating supplementation. Building up and maintaining eye health throughout your lifetime is key. Avoid smoking. Eat a nutritious diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and supplement if needed. Be sure to get at least 20 minutes of exercise every day. A brisk walk in the morning is ideal.

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