Surgical Eye Devices Address Glaucoma and Cataracts Issues

iStent for cataracts and glaucomaThe FDA has approved a patented device called the iStent® Trabecular Micro-Bypass Stent that helps reduce eye pressure from glaucoma in patients who also have cataracts. The new device addresses the fact that 90 of patients with glaucoma are not compliant with their glaucoma eye drop instructions, and half stop using their drops after 6 months. iStent allow patients to use eye drops less often, and may even make the drops unnecessary.

Glaucoma is a serious and progressive eye disease in which a build-up of pressure in the eye causes damage. It may have no symptoms in its early stage and therefore, regular screening by an optometrist or ophthalmologist is necessary. Glaucoma is especially prevalent in the elderly.

Another disease that becomes more common as people age is cataracts. Cataracts is a clouding of the lens that causes increasing blurriness and sensitivity to light. People with cataracts often turn to eye surgery, during which a new lens (usually artificial) is implanted.

When a patient wants cataracts surgery and also has glaucoma, the surgeon can insert the iStent during the same surgery. This device is very small, which allows the surgeon to implant the device quickly, not significantly lengthening the operation time.

The iStent is appropriate for adults with mild-to-moderate open-angle glaucoma who are currently using medication. The clinical trials showed that the device reduced eye pressure safely.

The eye pressure, or ocular pressure, associated with glaucoma is caused by the trabecular meshwork getting clogged or obstructed. Just like when a mesh gutter on a house gets clogged with leaves and starts to fill with water, this clogged eye filter causes fluid pressure to build up in the eye. High ocular pressure from glaucoma causes tunnel vision and damage to the eye nerve. This is why eye pressure in glaucoma patients must be controlled.

Many seniors are turning to cataracts surgery. The artificial lens makes a “glint” in their eyes in certain lighting. The iStent will give seniors and patients of all ages who have both cataracts and glaucoma to treat both diseases in a single surgery.

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Glaucoma Implant to Measure IOP

A new super small computer could be implanted in the eyes of a glaucoma patient to make constant eye pressure measurements.

The device is just a cubic millimeter in size and is something of a technological marvel – scientists made many discoveries regarding powering such a tiny machine.

The focus of a MIT Technology Review article was on the technical aspects of creating such a device.  The implanted sensor is focused purely on measuring glaucoma’s progress based on fluctuations in intraocular pressure.  New research shows that individuals can have glaucoma without experiencing increased eye pressure and that elevated eye pressure does not necessarily mean that one will develop the condition.

People who run a higher risk of developing glaucoma include those who experience high levels of stress, have glaucoma in their families, have trouble absorbing nutrients from food, and who are obese.