Taurine Keeps Diabetics’ Eyes Healthy

DiabetesTaurine is something you will often see in reference to your cats – it’s essential to feline health.  You may not know that it is essential to your own eye health as well, especially if you are a person with diabetes.

Diabetes increases the retina’s requirements for taurine.  Uptake of taurine is increased in the retina and retinal pigment epithelium when the body is suffering from higher levels of insulin and glucose concentrations.

Also, Taurine also appears to protect the lens against the development of “sugar cataracts” because it has excellent antioxidant properties.

Good sources of taurine are fish and eggs.  You can also visit our Vision Store to find supplements that will help you boost your taurine levels.

See research on taurine and more information on this and other important amino acids.