Tips and Warnings If You Must Take Antibiotics

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The discovery of antibiotics was a miracle of a kind, but the wonder drugs are not without their drawbacks.

Antibiotics have been associated with dry eye syndrome, eye hemorrhaging, cataracts, and light sensitivity.  Learn more about how antibiotics and other drugs side effects can pose a risk to the health of your eyes.

If you really do need to take antibiotics, you should also think about your diet and how the foods you eat can affect the effectiveness of the drugs.  Remember that antibiotics can wipe out essential vitamins like B and K, so consider a supplement to give yourself a boost.  Don’t take antibiotics at the same time as iron and calcium rich foods because they inhibit the body’s ability to absorb the medication.  Cut back on acidic foods like citrus, chocolate, and tomato based products for the same reason.

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Remember to take a probiotic and eat plenty of yogurt (preferably goat yogurt) to keep your internal flora thriving through the course of antibiotic use.