Toxicity Found in Freshwater Fish

Freshwater fish toxinsWe often recommend cold water ocean fish for the essential fatty acids they provide, which are vital to protecting us from glaucoma and macular degeneration.

New information presented at an American Chemical Society (ACS) meeting may  raise concerns about consuming freshwater fish, however.

Freshwater fish are showing high levels of an agent called triclocarban (TCC) that has potential hormone-disrupting properties.  Researchers believe the source of this river and stream contamination that is showing up in fish is an ingredient found in some antibacterial soaps.  Scientists do point out that there is no evidence that TCC accumulates in the human body.

Previous studies have found that TCC and another antibacterial soap additive, triclosan “don’t prevent the spread of disease any better than ordinary soap, yet both may cause disruption of reproductive hormones,” according to the ACS press release.  Source: