Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Approach to Cataracts and Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Traditional Chinese Medicine offers invaluable tools for diagnosing and treating conditions of the eyes.

For example, dark circles under the eyes relate can be attributed to imbalances in the kidneys, the organs that provide us with our vitality. People who present with a “Kidney Qi Deficiency ” are advised to follow one of the simplest at home remedies around: get sufficient sleep.

Chinese Medicine attributes the onset of cataracts often to deficiencies in the kidney and liver meridians. The resulting reduction of the energy and blood flow to the eyes leads to poor eye nutrition and eventually can cause the lens to become opaque.  Also, the spleen meridian plays a role in the nourishment of the eyes.  A dysfunction along this meridian can cause cataracts.

This information is from a chapter of our book, A Comprehensive Manual for Practitioners of Oriental Medicine.