Treating Glaucoma Naturally; Focusing on the Needs of Individual Patients

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At Natural Eye Care, we tend to have a different philosophy on how to treat and prevent eye conditions such as glaucoma compared to those in the conventional medical community.  One thing we definitely agree with, however, is that patients need to be seen as individuals with specific needs, especially when it comes to a disease like glaucoma.

An article at OSN SuperSite discusses the importance of crafting a specific medical regimen for glaucoma patients. They talk about pharmaceutical options, while we are advocates of natural approaches including diet, exercise, stress management, and nutritional supplementation.  (See our Vision Wellness Protocol for an introduction to this approach.)

While the doctors interviewed  in the above mentioned article focus a great deal on managing intraocular pressure and look at it as the major way to manage the progression of glaucoma, we know that more and more people are developing normal-tension glaucoma (NTG) and that progressive vision deterioration can occur even with IOP-lowering intervention. We advocate natural supplements such as ginkgo biloba that have been proven to improve pre-existing visual field damage in some individuals suffering from glaucoma.