Vast Majority of Americans Have Inadequate Diets Per National Cancer Institute

fruit and veg
Image courtesy of USDA

A study of over 16,000 US adults has prompted researchers from the National Cancer Institute and the National Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion to announce that almost no one in the population manages to eat withing the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

The findings, published in the Journal of Nutrition include:

  • The majority of those studied failed to meet MyPyramid ( guidelines except in total grains, meats, and beans
  • 90% of people under 70 and 80% of people over 7o eat too many “discretionary calories”
  • Young adults are the most likely to eat too few fruits, milk and oils
  • People between 31 and 50 are most likely to drink too much alcohol

According to this study “nearly everyone failed to meet recommendations for dark green vegetables, orange vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.”

Source: Nutraingredients

A balanced, nutrient rich diet is essential to eye health and to overall health.  Poor nutrition can be linked to everything from dark circles under your eyes to glaucoma.