How Are Vision & Posture Related? Dr. Fillipi Explains

posture and visionIn a new article, “Vision & Posture,” Dr. Mark Fillipi, D.C., illuminates the relationship between vision and posture in the body. These two systems develop differently, but they become intricately intertwined as the brain and body advance. Dr. Fillipi unravels this complex relationship to explain why vision and posture depend so strongly on the health and functioning of the eye itself.

In order to receive and interpret light signals as vision, the physical posture is corrected so that the head and eyes can take in visual information. Visual input, in turn, controls proper posture in the body. In his article, Dr. Fillipi explains this reciprocal relationship by mapping out the eyes, body, and brain to illustrate the communication between them.

Dr. Fillipi’s maps and examples show an analogous link between areas of the eye and corresponding areas of the body. They show the cornea as linked to the shoulder; the aqueous humor to the heart; the retina to the spine, pelvis, and lower back; and so on. The analysis also offers explanations for some common visual conditions as they relate to the development of physical posture.

You can find Dr. Fillipi’s full analysis on the Natural Eye Care website.