New Vision Training for Glaucoma

computer-based eye trainingNew research indicates a breakthrough in repairing vision for patients with glaucoma. A clinical trial published in JAMA Ophthalmology showed vision improvement from daily computer-based training. Retinal damage due to glaucoma is considered irreversible, but this research indicates vision restoration is possible. By continually activating patients’ residual vision, computer training may be able to strengthen vision.

The clinical trial, conducted by Drs. J. Gublin and B. A. Sabel, used a randomized sample of patients with glaucoma (mean age: 61.7 years; age range: 39-79 years). For three months, patients performed one-hour computer training sessions. The objective was to determine if this training would strengthen the residual vision of the patients. The trial was successful. Patients that had performed the vision training showed significant improvement in detection accuracy compared with a placebo group. These patients also showed faster reaction time in comparison.

The study indicated that repeatedly activating residual vision increases detection sensitivity. This was done by training the visual field borders with computer training. The success of this trial indicates that field vision loss due to glaucoma is in part reversible. The research suggests the possibility for new treatment options in patients with glaucoma.