Vitamin C Is a Potential Cancer Fighter

intravenous drip bag
Image via NASA

Vitamin C, given to patients intravenously, could be an effective way to fight cancer.

A study, published in the Journal of Translational Medicine, is based on the assertion that doses of vitamin C could help cancer patients who suffer from wasting (cachexia), immune system deficiencies, and compromised quality of life.  This particular article pulled together the findings from 246 previous studies.

The study sought to include perspectives from the alternative health community that has asserted the benefits of vitamin C as a cancer fighter as well the allopathic medical community that has, in part, agreed that vitamin C could be helpful to cancer patients.

In the past, studies have differed on vitamin C’s effectiveness, but it seems the determining factor in vitamin C’s cancer fighting abilities is in taking it intravenously rather than in pill form.  Source: Medical News Today