How to Gain Optimal Vitamin D Levels from the Sun

vitamin d from sunVitamin D is responsible for overall immune system health as well as vastly reducing the risk of numerous chronic diseases and cancers. The best way to receive vitamin D3 is through the sun, but it is essential to achieve a fine balance between healthy exposure and overexposure.

UVB rays from the sun present an unusual contradiction. They are the wavelength that can quickly cause sunburn on the surface of the skin, but they are also essential to vitamin D production. The body requires sun exposure to convert a cholesterol derivative into vitamin D3.

In order to gain safe and adequate exposure to UVB, a large portion of the skin (at least 40 percent) should be exposed to the sun daily in small amounts of time. The ideal time for vitamin D production is when UVB rays are highest, between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.

Get exposure to the sun in only short spurts, avoiding any sunburn. This should take as little as 10-12 minutes depending on skin pigmentation and climate, at which point the body will reach a saturation point and stop producing vitamin D. As much as 20,000 units of the vitamin can be produced this way, but short, safe exposure is key.