Warnings Against Decorative, Non-Prescription Contact Lenses

decorative contact lenses
Image courtesy of fda.gov

It’s October and Halloween is around the corner and that means that many people are going to want to do something to change their appearance.  This year, wear a great mask instead of trying out decorative contact lenses.

The Food and Drug Administration has issued many warnings against buying illegitimate over-the-counter contact lenses.  Even non-corrective lenses are monitored by the FDA out of concerns for public health.  According to the FDA, “Unauthorized contact lenses of all types present risks to the eye that include corneal ulcers, corneal abrasion, vision impairment, and blindness.”

The American Optometric Association has issued its own warnings.  They caution consumers that using  contacts that are not proscribed by a licensed medical professional can lead to “conjunctivitis, swelling, allergic reaction and corneal abrasion due to poor lens fit.”

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It is possible to see an eye doctor to determine if you can safely wear cosmetic contact lenses and to get a proper prescription.