Whole Grains, Fiber Help Women Control Diabetes

whole grain
Image via womenshealth.gov

Whole Grains

Women with diabetes can cut their risk of death from a heart attack by eating more whole grains.

A study published in the journal Circulation discusses how women who are a diet rich in whole grains and wheat bran were 16-31% less likely to die over a 26 year period compared to women who did not eat those foods.   When researchers considered mortality risks specifically associated with cardiovascular problems, those who ate a whole-grain and bran healthy diet were 28-35% less likely to die of heart related causes during the study’s duration.

Source: Food Consumer


A new study indicated that people with diabetes who take psyllium fiber supplements paired with a low glycemic diet can experience a reduced glycemic risk factors including glycosylated hemoglobin A1c [A1C] or postprandial plasma glucose [PPG] concentrations.  Source: Food Consumer

It can also be important to eat a diet high in fiber. Focus on fruits, vegetables, seeds, oats, and whole-grain products. Note: Diabetics with unrecognized kidney failure could develop serious complications from a high-fiber (and therefore high-potassium) diet.

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