Yoga Improves Balance and Reduced Fall Risks for Stroke Survivors

people practicising yoga
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Preliminary research shows that a regular yoga practice can help stroke patients recover more effectively.


A study of 20 stroke survivors of an average age of 66 engaged in twice weekly yoga classes for two months.  It was found that the participants balance improved.  Researchers also found that a practice of yoga could help prevent potentially dangerous falls.

On the whole, balance scores increased by 17% on the Berg Balance Scale and by 34% on the Fullerton Balance Scale.  It is important to not that the average score was upped from 40 to 47 on the Berg Balance Scale, which means that the individuals were no longer on the “high risk” list when it comes to falls.

These findings were presented at he American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting in Denver; they have not yet undergone full peer review.  Source: WebMD

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