Zeaxanthin Can Reduce Chances of Macular Degeneration by 79%

High levels of plasma zeaxanthin had a 93% reduced risk of AMD. Globally, subjects with high total plasma lutein and zeaxanthin had a 79% reduced risks of AMD compared with subjects with low total plasma lutein and zeaxanthin.

In 2006 research patients with high levels of zeaxanthin in their blood plasma had a 93% lower risk of macular degeneration.  Similarly, patients with high total  zeaxanthin in lutein in their blood plasma had 79% reduced risk of macular degeneration compared with patients with low total lutein and zeaxanthin in blood plasma.

Published: IOVS, June 2006, Vol. 47, No. 6

Zeaxanthin is a yellow phytonutrient pigment located in many fruits and vegetables such as lettuce, broccoli, goji berry, kale, turnip greens, collard greens, kiwifruit, and brussel sprouts.