Fuchs' Disease

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I would like to share my experience using Natural Ophthalmics ORTHO-K night drops. I have suffered from Fuch's Dystrophy for many years. Modern medicine prescribed steroid drops for my eyes which further caused burning and redness, and could lead to glaucoma. My eyes over the years suffered from frequent infections, were red 24/7, burned, felt like they had sand or hair in them and disrupted my sleep. The only relief I got was to put ice packs on my eyes at night, but I'd awake in a few hours and feel the need for another ice pack.

To my relief I found Dr. Grossman's Natural Eyecare formulas and ordered the night drops. Within a short time my symptoms were almost completely gone. My eye doctor could not believe the difference in my eyes during my next exam. Gone were the burning, pain, redness and feeling of sand in my eyes.

Recently I moved to another state. During this move I neglected to order my monthly Ortho-K drops. At first my eyes seemed OK, but after a few weeks the burning, pain and redness started to return with a vengeance. I just ordered those miraculous drops on an auto shipment plan and look forward to the relief they will give me.

Thank you for your wonderful holistic approach to eyecare. I hope others will give this a try.

To good health,

--P.B of Provo, Utah July, 2012

Thought I'd give you some feedback. I wrote several months ago and asked if you thought Brite Eyes III would help Fuchs'. It has improved my vision and even has been all I needed through Hayfever season. You were right, it is a wonderful product. Thanks.

-- Julie S., North Carolina (9/26/06)

Fuch's Description   Self help   Eye drops