Client Reviews on Products for Glaucoma

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I just wanted to say thank you for offering MSM Eye Drops. These make such a difference on my eyes. After using the first bottle, I don't see how I ever went without using them before. I'm 24 and have had glaucoma my entire life, so eye drops have always been a part of it. Your MSM drops work better than artificial tears for me. Especially in the morning and before I go to bed. Just wanted to say thanks!

Marc and Michael, I wanted to tell you I just saw my eye m.d. (1 of 2 with whom I consult -- I will see the other in Feb) - he was astounded by my vision improvement - from 20/40 to 20/20 in 1 eye and 20/25 in the other - this is a direct quote (and he doesn't astonish easily) - "whatever you are doing keep on doing it." And my eye pressures were 10 and 11. I've been doing ... Coleus Forskohlii daily ... - plus 2 Advanced Eye and Vision Support capsules daily and 2 Optic Nerve capsules per day - I plan to increase Optic Nerve formula to 4 per day.

-- Again, thank you and happy new year! J. Hancock

Thank you for recommending the Coleus Forskolii and ReVision formula for my glaucoma. AFTER increasing the dosage to three times a day for 45 days my eye pressure was lowered to 16 from 22. Twice daily seemed to maintain the 22 (two exams over 6 mo. period substantiated that). I am CONTINUING 3X daily. My goal is to reach 14.

-- Many thanks. G. Pirone

I was diagnosed with glaucoma at the relatively young age of 53. I started drop therapy and found I was highly allergic to all but two. The drops worked to lower my pressures for almost a year, but then my pressures started to creep up again. I had run out of options for drop therapy and was facing laser surgery when I found your website and ordered some of your recommended products for Glaucoma. I convinced my ophthalmologist to delay laser surgery while I gave your products a chance.

I am so excited and grateful to report that after using your recommended products for Glaucoma, Coleus Forskohlii and Revision Formula, my IOP went from 19 to 14 in 7 weeks! Laser surgery is canceled, and my ophthalmologist asked me to bring the herbs in at my next checkup because he "wants to see what I'm taking."

Thanks so much for your wonderful products and support.

-- J. Larrabee

I have been taking the Coleus Forskolii now as directed with the Revision formula 2x /day for my Glaucoma. I had my pressure taken yesterday and it was the lowest it has been I think since I developed this disease. It was 13 in one eye and 11 in the other. My overall vision improved as well. My eye doctor said that I could possibly cut back on the Alphagan next time I see her if the pressure continues in that range. In general they used to be anywhere from 20, 17 and then I used to get spikes where the pressure would go up 20-30. I have been taking alpha lipoic acid as you directed and the fish oil caps and NOW Eco-Green multivitamins.

Thank you very much for all your help and for taking the time to answer my questions.

-- Sincerely, L. Lydon