Reviews for Lattice Degeneration

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As a person diagnosed with lattice degeneration nearly 30 years ago, it is a relief to have found someone who offers more than the same old "we just have to watch its progression" and "there's nothing you can do". No doctor has offered any hope of stabilizing, much less improving the condition nutritionally. I have been taking Advanced Eye and Vision Support Formula for about six months, and my most recent appointment with a retina specialist was the best in several years. I developed epiretinal membranes in both eyes after a laser repair of a small retinal hole in my right eye in December 2010, and that condition is now stable. Although the specialist commented that I have a lot going on with my retina, he is amazed that I see as well as I do. In fact, for the first time in my 53 years, my vision improved since my last exam four months prior. What a relief!

-- Stephanie T.

I just wanted to let you know that I had my annual check up with the retinal specialist this week.

I have lattice degeneration, IOL implants, bilaterally, map-dot fingerprint dystrophy, celiac disease, and in 2010 was diagnosed with early Macular Degeneration. I have been using Dr. Grossman's Advanced Eye and Vision Support Formula since 2008. I had the IOL implant in 2007 because of cataracts due to inhaled corticosteroids for asthma. I had also used other vision products prior to that time, along with daily fish oil supplements.

When I saw the regular Ophthalmologist in 2009 there is a note on my chart that there was some PCO, so I decided to try the MicroStim to see if that would help. Using for 10 minutes a day for most days. My retinal specialist noted the same re: PCO as the Ophthalmologist.

In 2010 I was told to start with the AREDS vitamins 2 qd, and did so, plus continued with the MicroStim and Dr. Grossman's eye herbs. I maintain a gluten free diet and have for 6 years, but occasionally get glutened when I have not correctly examined every ingredient on something.

In 2011 my eyes were a little worse than in 2010, and I returned home frustrated. I also had a lot of gastrointestinal issues that year and had either been glutened or food poisoning. My annual test for my GI function showed that there was an elevated fecal fat content which probably meant I wasn't absorbing everything that I was consuming including the vitamins. I decided to switch to your AMD program and followed it.

In February 2012, I added Lycopene to my supplement list along with Astaxanthin daily, and I started doing green smoothies daily. Gi problems much better with daily use of a custom probiotic also.

The retinal specialist examined my eyes, and afterwards he was quiet and reviewed my chart again, and then said, "We don't see this in this practice, your eyes are FINE, and the few remaining drusen are very small, and there is nothing that suggests you have macular degeneration". He said that they have never seen this before. He told me, keep on doing what I am doing because it is working!

I am so grateful to have received this news. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am about this.

Please let Dr. Grossman know about my good news.

-- M.R, RN, BSN

PS My retinal specialist is a very conservative guy and is very cautious.