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Hi to everyone--

So I went for my follow up today--six week's after my last injection. I received the best news that I could get--that there is no more swelling or bleeding and that things look good. My retina specialist knows nothing of the micro acupuncture, the herbs, the vitamins, or the microcurrent stimulation that I have been using. I attribute my good news as much to all of that as I do to the medical treatments. I seriously doubt that the news would have been as good if I had not been an advocate for myself, or without all of your advocacy and/or good wishes.

Of course, my doctor knows nothing of this, he is not into homeopathy, and I took the advice of friends and others not to let him know. I think it is best so that I could keep the communication with him open. I personally don't care if he thinks that it is all because of him, and in fact, some of it is due to medicine anyway, to be realistic.

-- All the best, Jeanne M.

First, as usual, and I hope you don't tire of it, because you deserve it - thank you. It has been not quite a month, and my eyes are better! The wavy lines don't undulate as much - in fact the length, rapidity, and severity of them has lessened considerably. The grid on the refrigerator has also gotten so much better. Before there were wavy, skewed lines all over the right hand side, and now there are a few lines that bulge, but that is the extent of the change in the lines. Thank you, thank you.

-- Susan W.

In May of 2009 I had a cataract removed by St Luke's Eye Institute in Tampa, Florida. They installed a restored lens which was a multi-focus type lens so I could see up close and far away. The cost of the lens was $2,500.00. That part of the procedure I would not do again. I would have the standard lens put in so that I could see clearly at a distance. The multipurpose lens has not worked right from day one.

After the surgery my eye was much clearer, however, I had a definite problem with the vision. After further tests St. Luke's diagnosed the situation as macular degeneration and recommended me to go to the retina specialist here in Ocala. In June of 2010 Dr. H. performed a procedure that removed the fluid from the eye and replaced it leaving a bubble in the eye. At that time I was instructed to go home and lie down on my stomach with my face down and allow the bubble to press on the macula where the problem of separation existed. I was to maintain this position for 5 days allowing a 10 minute break every two hours. He also started me on a series of drops called Nevanac 3 times per day, Omnipred 2 times per day and Dorzolamide HCI/Timolol Maluate 2 times per day.

When I learned that I had macular degeneration I looked into alternatives. I started on a very strong regimen of chelation treatments with high doses of glutathione. I also contacted Natural Eye Care. [Dr. Grossman] was of great benefit in helping me to establish the nutritional factors that I was evidently missing in my every day diet. The following is my regimen of supplements:

Advanced Eye & Vision Support Formula 2 tablets per day
Viteyes 2 per day
Macu Health 1 per day
Active-C, 500 mg 3 per day
Super Sea Vege 3 per day
Neptune Krill Oil 3 per day
Mega Probiotic 3 per day
All-Zyme 3 per day
Co Enzyme Q10, 100 mg 1 per day
L-Glutamine, 500 mg 4 per day
I purchased a MicroStim model 100, LE from Michael that I used an average of 2 times per day.

My left eye had deteriorated to 20/200 which is legally blind. (My right eye is doing great. I have a problem with glaucoma from an old injury, but vision wise it's healthy.) I was told that you could not reverse the macular degeneration, this was not acceptable. I started on the supplement regimen and MicroStim in April of 2010. I have been doing chelation treatments for over 18 years, doing a minimum of one per month. However, when I found out about the macular degeneration I did 2 chelation treatments per week for several weeks with the high doses of glutathione. I would not change any of the foregoing procedures because my eye has improved from 20/200 to 20/40, when test through a pin hole they can be corrected to 20/25. Dr. H. said he has never seen this type of improvement in any of his patients.

In my research for alternatives I learned that macular degeneration is a highly inherited condition. My father had macular degeneration in both eyes and I did not realize that I had a 50/50 chance of coming down with the same disease.

The supplements that Michael recommended have been extremely beneficial in the battle against this disease and I plan to stay on the above regimen.

-- C. Hudson

"Hello Michael. I have been using your MCS unit Since June. 2009.

I feel the stimulation to the eyes helpful and feel good about the unit. I have wet macular degeneration in my right eye. Finally the wetness seams to have stopped due to injections every 6 weeks. The last test also shows slight improvement in vision. The left eye is sharp and clear and I feel that the vision improvement is helped in both eyes by your machine. I will definitely continue with the stimulation as a protection for my eyes. So, thank you so much"

-- Albert K, Naples, FL

"Regarding microcurrent stimulation, I feel I must use it every day to keep my macular degeneration from getting worse. I want to tell you how much your Microcurrent Stimulation unit has helped me. Before I used it, I would test my eyes using the Amsler chart. The lines on the chart were very wavy on the sides. Since I have been using microcurrent stimulation, the lines are much straighter. My eye doctor, a retinologist, is very pleased with my progress. I would recommend your device to anyone diagnosed with macular degeneration."

-- S. Johnson

"If you have any vision condition, do not hesitate to try the MicroCurrent Stimulation unit! It has truly been a godsend for me. I have ocular albinism and have difficulties with ocular pain, photophobia, and focusing. All of my symptoms have improved (and continue to improve) after three weeks of MCS therapy. I think MCS is a must for many eye conditions and any vision challenges associated with aging eyes."

-- CW, West Chester, Pennsylvania

"I wanted to tell you that since I started using your microcurrent home unit, my eyes have returned to normal, whatever normal is at age 78.

In February of this year I couldn't read a street sign in time to make the turn. Today I can read the same sign from 1/2 block away."

-- Thanks again. J. Thomas

Virginia Scott is 91 years old and has been doing microcurrent stimulation (MCS) daily since May, 2003. She says she feels her eyes have remained stable. She has noticed when she did not use the MCS unit for a few days, she notices a significant change in vision for the worse.

Editor, 2005

"Dear Michael, I just returned from my annual eye exam with my neuro-ophthalmologist and I'm thrilled to tell you that my eyesight has stabilized---there is no further progression of macular degeneration! I continue my regime daily, without fail, two microcurrent stimulation sessions, 3 pumps of Pure Focus, plus a plethora of anti-oxidants (as prescribed by my holistic doctor). Thank you for reminding me of the equivalent potency of Pure Focus; I will never do without it.

Perhaps Dr. Grossman can cite me as one extremely satisfied customer having attended his workshop at Kripalu and implementing elements of his program--in other words, bravo to both of you."

-- Victoria Kokora

"Dear "MCS" -- Ignoring the "nay-sayers", Dr's and concerned friends and family, I got up my nerve and USED my investment! I'm now back to using 'drugstore' glasses for close, no headache as before. Now I need eye test by "impartial" Dr. to get long range glasses adjusted. Expecting "only good" to come from this, so I can still DRIVE and READ! Hooray! And the light patterns are fun to play with. Yours, 85 next month, and driving tonight,"

-- Betty L. W. Chester, PA - 10/29/05

"It has been four weeks since I started on my three-prong anti AMD protocol. I started acupuncture and all your recommended nutritional supplements in late October and MCS treatments (2 sessions of 10 min. each) on 11/1.

I am happy to report a slight improvement in my ability to read with my left eye. Before, I was unable to read with the left eye at all. Now the vision distortion has cleared enough that I can read - slowly - with it! Quite remarkable.

Thank you for all your help and advice with my recent orders. I will keep you posted on my (hopefully) continued progress."

-- Mike Ford

The use of the microcurrent stimulation unit, in combination with the vitamin and nutrients supplements, has improved my ability in my right eye which has the macular degeneration to read the eye chart by at least two lines to 20/125.

I have been very pleased with the service and products of NaturalEyeCare, Inc.

-- M. Hill - 02/24/04

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