Macular Degeneration FAQ

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Q: Why take nutritional supplementation?
A: Research has conclusively shown that a number of specific nutrients can significantly help prevent the onset of macular degeneration as well strengthen the retina, reduce the chances of dry macular degeneration turning to wet macular degeneration, and protect against vision loss. Specific nutrients include lutein, zeaxanthin, beta carotene, zinc, copper, selenium, vitamin C, taurine, omega-3 fatty acid, gingko biloba, bilberry, lycopene. See more information on recommended See related research studies.

Q: Can't I get these nutrients from food?
A: A healthy diet can help provide many of these nutrients, but it is important to ensure through daily supplementation that you are receiving the "therapeutic" daily dosages recommended. In addition, as we age we absorb nutrients less effectively and furthermore, our circulatory system isn't as efficient in distributing those nutrients. Therefore, taking specific essential supplements is a good idea - both to lower risk and protect the condition of the retina and macula.

Q: How long will I have to take the nutrients?
A: You need to continue taking the supplements, although at some point it may be reduced to a maintenance level.

Q: When will I notice an improvement?
A: We often see a stabilization and possibly an improvement in vision within three months of taking the nutrients.

Q: Can I take these nutrient with my medications?
A: Usually, but check with your doctor first particularly if you are on any blood thinning medications, or have any questions regarding possible contraindications.

Q: Are there any contraindications?
A: These nutrients are very safe, but if you are on medications, particularly any medication to help thin the blood or raise the blood pressure, check with your doctor first before adding nutrients to your daily routine.

Q: Can I take too much of any nutrient considered essential?
A: Not if you stay within reasonable recommendations of the research studies.

Q: Are there specific juicing recommendations for macular degeneration.
A: Yes, focus on broccoli, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, apples, raspberries, and greens

DO'S: Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, drink 8-10 cups of water per day, get regular exercise, relax for a minimum of 20 minutes per day through meditation, prayer or/and a walk in nature, eat cold water fish (including mackerel, salmon, sardines) two to three times a week, increase fiber in your diet, (don't let your fat intake exceed 30% of your diet), wear UV protecting sunglasses when outside, have regular eye exams!!!

DONT'S: Don't smoke, drink caffeine, drink alcohol, eat fried foods, foods with artificial sweeteners, excessive sugar or refined foods such as white bread or white rice, hydrogenated oils, avoid aspirin (discuss possible alternatives with your doctor).