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The testimonials below are based on the individual's personal experience, and may not represent the results another person may have.
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I have Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). It was not discovered until I was 60 years old. My cataract surgery revealed the condition. I am now 71. I discovered the Advanced Eye and Vision Support Formula while surfing the web. This has been a true "answer to prayer". I am convinced that the use of this product has slowed the progress of my dimming vision. I was out of the product for a few weeks and quickly noticed the reducing vision. I renewed my monthly order and within two weeks I could tell the difference and improvement. I am on a small retirement income, but I will do without my beer before I will allow myself to run out of this product. I am convinced that it has helped me. I encouraged anyone with vision problems to make this product a part of a daily program. I am in perfect health and take no medicine of any kind. My RP is my only "life problem" and the Advanced Vision product has given me a positive solution to reduce the problem.

-- Dr. F.D.C. Arlington, Texas, March 2013

"I have been suffering from RP for many years. Being on a fixed income, I have a limited budget for supplements. I have been taking the Advanced Eye and Vision Support Formula for quite a while now, and feel it has been helping me preserve my vision. Recently I ran out, and after 4 days without taking this formula noticed my vision to be definitely not as clear, confirming my sense that this formula has been helping me.

"I have 50 years of Ministry, also was a "working clergy" as Educator, Social Worker, Stockbroker, Nursing Home/hospital Administrator and my last "work" was for 10 years as a Social Security Disability Specialist. I worked for a firm that helped people obtain their disability income benefits. This was how my RP was discovered after cataract surgery. I have never endorsed any product before as I never believed in one that strongly until I started taking the Advanced Eye and Vision Support Formula. Thank you for making such a fine eye formula."

-- Dr. Fred C., Ph.D., Th.D., Texas, Bishop (retired), October, 2012

Retinitis Pigmentosa Information   Vitamins & Supplements