Recovery from Sjogren's Syndrome

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The eyedrops and supplements* that you recommended for my Sjogren's Syndrome are working wonderfully. My eyes feel awesome since beginning the regimen. Thank you Michael, for all of your help. I'm so glad to have found your website."

-- S.B. October, 2011

*She is taking: Oasis Tears, BioTears Gel Caps, VisionTone Formula, [which we've replaced with, Rehmannia 8 containing the same ingredients]. MSM Capsules, and Advanced Eye & Vision Support Formula

At 19, my eyes were so damaged from dry eyes due to an autoimmune disorder, I lost the ability to read, drive, and to my ultimate chagrin, wear contacts. Every specialist agreed that my eyes were too damaged for surgery: the corneas were nearly completely eroded away, and the tear ducts were 6 times the size they should be - and also quite crooked.

They told me I had the eyes of a 90 year old and my only option was a new drug - Restasis. A month into Restasis I developed pneumonia that was resistant to all medication, and - four months into the pneumonia - found out it is a top side effect from Restasis. Mainstream doctors had no further suggestions for my eyes.

By luck, I stumbled upon the naturaleyecare website and called for a phone consult. Not only did they have suggestions - but ones that made sense and gave hope. I began taking their homeopathic eye drops for dry eyes, Biotears, and Visiontone, and in a short time my dry eyes again became moist!

By the end of college I was back to wearing contacts regularly, and after graduation I went for a regular eye check up and left an astonished ophthalmologist - my eyes held no sign of Sjogren's Syndrome or dry eye disease, and I needed a weaker contact prescription than ever before. The thing is, it's a pretty spectacular thing to wake each day as a 24 year old with 24 year old eyes, put in contacts, and read the paper before driving to work - all things I thought I'd never do again.

-- Christine (4/08)

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