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About Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies can be quite helpful for your eyes and overall health. Homeopathy uses natural ingredients from either plants, minerals or animals in a highly diluted form. The concept is that "like treats like", meaning that substances in nature taken in whole form can cause or mimic certain health problems, but taken in extremely diluted form help the body heal from those same problems.

Homeopathic Ingredients

While there are specific homeopathic remedies for various symptoms that comprise and contribute to eye problems, generally, it is the synergy of these remedies that make homeopathic remedies for specific eye conditions helpful.

For example, consider cineraria cataract eyedrops, employing cineraria, the traditional homeopathic remedy for cataracts. This remedy is actually comprised of several homeopathic ingredients:

  • Cineraria Maritima is the main ingredient, and supports circulation in the eye - critical for nourishing eye tissues and removing toxins.
  • Euphrasia, also known as eyebright is a traditional tonic for the eyes, addressing a number of issues including dryness, burning, light sensitivity, and tear film maintenance.
  • Causticum is helpful for eye pain, and cloudiness or spots obscuring the vision.
  • Sepia is helpful for glare, spots, veiled vision, streaks of light blurring the vision.
  • Calcarea phosphorica is useful for blurry vision and pain from tired eyes as well as having the sensation of a foreign body in the eye.
  • Calcarea fluorica is indicated for blurry vision, cataract, opacity of the cornea and supports the strength of the tiny capillaries in the eye.

While each of these remedies addresses a slightly different issue experienced by people developing cataracts, together they create a "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts" effect - and so the remedy becomes quite effective for immature cataracts.


For more than 100 years the homeopathic ingredient Cineraria maritima has been a successful treatment for cataracts. The treatment of choice in South America, Europe, and India, the manufacturer has improved the dilution and adding 6 other ingredients that are helpful for cataract treatment.

Since there are no veins and arteries in the lens of the eye the treatment strategy is to stimulate the cells of the lens to support and gently stimulate lymph flow in and around the eyes, helping to remove toxins and maintain lens clarity.

Computer Eye Strain

Eye fatigue and computer eye strain are characterized by a number of symptoms - eye strain, redness, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, eye pain, headaches, and rarely, double vision. Improvements to ergonomics, lighting and vision correction help about half of patients. Eye exercises help a great deal especially if you take a break every hour or two to do them for about 5 or 10 minutes. These homeopathic pellets bring additional relief. They contain ingredients to help relieve eye fatigue.

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can be a chronic condition or one of short duration. It can be especially problematic after: laser surgery; too many hours on the computer; working in dry conditions; and/or as a side effect of medications. Poorly functioning tear glands are a common cause, as well as changes in hormonal balance due to menopause and/or poor cell health of the cornea. Homeopathic treatment of dry eyes supports stimulation and nourishment of the body's tissues and glands that create the tear film to keep the eye moist. Intake of adequate water, essential fatty acids and other nutrients are important.


Damage to the optic nerve gives rise to the stealth vision condition, glaucoma - which displays no symptoms until the condition is far advanced. These homeopathic pellets gently stimulate the natural inclination of the body to support the health of the optic nerve. Because glaucoma is such a serious condition be sure to get checkups regularly and monitor the disease carefully. Lifestyle, including nutrition, not-smoking, exercise are also very helpful.

Macular Degeneration

The macula deteriorates as we age due to UV sunlight, smoking, poor nutrition, poor exercise, genetic disposition and other factors. These homeopathic pellets gently stimulate the natural inclination of the body to support the health of the macula. Lifestyle, including nutrition, not-smoking, exercise are also important.


Floaters develop as tiny bits of protein debris that collect in the vitreous. The floater pellets formula stimulates the eye's natural capacity to reduce floaters. Floaters are a chronic condition so that the reversal process takes place gradually and the pellets will need to be taken typically for at least 3 months to begin with. Lifestyle, including nutrition, not smoking and exercise are also important.

Fuch's Dystrophy

Fuch's is characterized by the deterioration of layers of the cornea, leading to blurry vision that clears during the day. These thin (day) and thick (night) homeopathic drops help to relieve the irritation due to dryness during the day and the mechanical irrigation experienced at night. The day time drops are also used in the morning to clarify vision from the thick night time drops.

Sjogren's Syndrome

Sjogren's is characterized by mucous membranes that cannot maintain moisture leaving one uncomfortable with dry eyes, dry mouth and dryness of other mucous tissues. Dry eyes can be especially discomforting with long hours on the computer, working in dry conditions, and/or as a side effect of medications. These dry eye homeopathic formulas help maintain moisture and healthy tear glands through gentle stimulation of the body's normal mechanisms. Consuming plenty of water, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and other nutrients are important.

General Vision Support

Macular Degeneration Pellets

Macular Degeneration Pellets

Helps support the health of the retina and macula and so is helpful for all related vision conditions.

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Cataracts   Computer eye strain   Dry eye   Glaucoma   Macular degeneration   Floaters   Fuch's   Sjogren's   General