Vision Care

Lighthouse International - Low vision resources and materials
Glaucoma Research Foundation - Excellent site for glaucoma information
International Myopia Prevention Association - A nonprofit organization providing information on environmental causes of myopia, (ie excessive reading), and helps dispel myths.
Macular Degeneration Foundation - This foundation is dedicated to discovering the cause and developing cures for macular degeneration - the most common cause of blindness in the United States.
The Foundation Fighting Disease - The Foundation Fighting Blindness is a world renowned national eye research organization that funds retinal degenerative disease research at over 50 prominent institutions in the United States and foreign countries.
What is Vision Therapy? - An eye doctor expert answers frequently asked questions.
Leslie Degner,RN,BSN - Provides comprehensive and current information on macular degeneration including prevention, treatment, nutrition, resources and research.

Health Care

American Diabetes Association - Information
Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique - A comprehensive guide to this century old method of learning how to release tension from your body. - Comprehensive botanical and herb resource.

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