Chlorella, courtesy

Grade A Japanese Chlorella is one of the ingredients of Dr. Grossman's Advanced Vision Support Formula.

Chlorella is a single celled green algae that grows in fresh water. It is best known as an aide in removing heavy metals from the body. It helps support the immune system, energy levels, purify the blood, and improve digestion. It has been utilized to research plant metabolism and ways to make biofuel more effective.

There's been some interesting research on chlorella supplementation.

  • Researchers have identified the powerful antioxidant lutein as the major pigment component of chlorella. The scientists also report that the lutein-protein complex found in chlorella may support the activities of superoxide dismutase, catalase, and glutathione.6
  • Double-blind tests with lab animals suggests that aerobic endurance capacity, at least in the young, is enhanced.1
  • In a pilot study researchers found significant improvements in patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) after supplementation with Chlorella vulgaris.2
  • Researchers reported that in a double-blind study Chlorella vulgaris supplementation caused significantly reduced levels of certain toxins in the body.3 Similar studies have replicated the algae's capacity to reduce various toxins in the body.
  • In a double-blind study Chlorella vulgaris has been found to help improve weight, liver enzymes, fasting blood sugar and lipid profile in patients with fatty-liver disease.4
  • Another double-blind study found that patients with mildly high cholesterol levels exhibited remarkable improvement after supplementation with Chorella, perhaps through enhancing the activity of carotenoids. 5 This research has been replicated by similar studies.


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