Optic Nerve Damage (non-hereditary)

Optic nerve atrophy   Types   Hereditary causes (Leber's, Sjogren's, retinitis pigmentosa)   IOP causes (glaucoma)

Optic nerve damage impacts vision at the most fundamental level causing severe vision loss. The optic nerve is like a cable of more than a million tiny electrical wires, or nerve fibers each carrying a part of the visual information to the visual cortex in the brain. If these nerve fibers become damaged, the brain doesn't get all the vision information and our sight becomes blurred.

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Conventional Treatment

Unlike optic neuritis, where swollen optic nerves can be repaired, there is, unfortunately, there is no effective treatment for optic atrophy. Recent trials of gene therapy for Leber's appears to be effective. Gene therapy may hold promise for other types of optic atrophies in the future.

However, limiting further optic nerve damage, if possible, is the goal. One possible way to reduce vision loss is through the reduction of increased fluid pressure around the brain and spinal cord (a condition called hydrocephalus). Once the nerve fibers in the optic nerve are lost, they never heal or grow back. If the cause can be found, corrected, or managed, sometimes further damage can be reduced or prevented. This is especially true for identified causes such as system inflammation, glaucoma, and multiple sclerosis.

Complementary Approach

Optic Nerve Support

Because some types of optic nerve damage may result from nutritional deficiencies, good nutrition is critical for maintaining healthy optic nerves. Daily juicing is a very good way to maximize the nutritional value of your diet and to stave off deficiencies. Nutrients from juices are easier to absorb, which is helpful for anyone with digestive difficulties.

Additionally, since a number of studies indicate that oxidative stress is a crucial factor in optic nerve problems, antioxidants may play an important role in preventing and treating the condition.

Nutritional support

  • Vitamin B12 and folic acid deficiencies are at the foundation of nutritional optic neuropathy. Certain nutrients such as ginkgo biloba, bilberry, alpha-lipoic acid, taurine, magnesium, a number of other vitamins and enzymes, and omega-3 fatty acids in the form of fish oil or algae-based supplements (for vegetarians), support optic nerve health.
  • Daily Juicing is a good way to maximize the nutritional value of your diet. For the optic nerve we especially recommend a combination of some of these: ginger, parsley, beets, cabbage, carrots, endive, chlorophyll, wheat grasses, berries (all organic preferably). See more on juicing.
  • Gypenosides Researchers have determined that gypenosides, from a Chinese medicinal plant might help protect the optic nerve.3
  • Antioxidants There have been a number of studies indicating the oxidative stress is an important part of optic nerve problems and antioxidants may play an important role in treating the condition.


Because damage to the optic nerve can result from toxins and some medications, we recommend avoiding smoking which exposes the body and optic nerve to cyanide. In general consult carefully with your doctor about your medications and possible side-effects. This includes large-dose vitamin A, some heart medications, and some medications for malaria, diabetes, tuberculosis, some antibiotics, and oral contraceptives.

As with all other eye conditions, exercise is an important factor in your vision health protocol.


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Optic nerve atrophy   Hereditary causes (Leber's, Sjogren's, retinitis pigmentosa)   IOP causes (glaucoma)