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The retina is attached to the vitreous by a layer of connective tissue or ligament tissue. Sometimes a tear or hole in the retina can cause the vitreous to leak and force a space between the vitreous and retina, pulling the retina away from the underlying tissue. At first, this may happen in one small area, but without immediate treatment the retina can peel away substantially creating serious vision loss and/or blindness.

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detached retina

What prevents this from occurring is healthy connective tissue with adequate circulation of oxygen and nutrients in all of the layers of tissue of the retina.


  • sudden flashes of light in the periphery of vision
  • sudden increase in the number of eye floaters
  • sudden circle or ring of floaters that look like hairs just to the edges of vision


Impairment in connective tissue functioning can manifest in a number of ways and arise to to a variety of causes, such as:

  • Injury or trauma to the eye from sports where blows to the head are common such as football or karate
  • Individuals who are nearsighted (particularly people who are highly myopic) due to the shape of their eyes being more oval than round, causing more stress and pulling on the retina.
  • Inflammation or injury to connective tissue
  • Degeneration of any of the layers of the retina such as the photoreceptors that result in breaks or tears in those layers.
  • Aging particularly as one passes 50+; the vitreous gel slowly becomes more liquid and/or clumps, causing puling on the retinal

Self Help

If you have symptoms indicative of connective tissue damage as described above, it is important to treat it as a medical emergency. You should lie down gently and stay in a prone position which may, by itself, allow the retina to fall into its correct position. The important thing is to not move suddenly and to see an ophthalmogist as soon as possible.

Typical treatment includes freezing and/or laser coagulation to isolate the area of damage. There are a variety of surgical procedures which may be used to address the issue for most people.

  • Keep connective tissue healthy by making sure you include proper nutrients in your diet.
  • This is especially true if you are myopic.
  • Regular exercise, management of stress and other lifestyle considerations help keep all the tissues of your eye healthy.
  • If you do have problems in this area of vision, then you can supplement with proper nutrients to help healing and perhaps prevent future connective tissue issues.

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