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Michael, You might recall that I ordered cineraria and MSM drops from you. Rubi, a just turned 1 yr old siberian husky was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes, one eye fully developed, the other developing a cataract quickly. As you can imagine, the only option we were given was surgery. We had just gotten another puppy (8 weeks old at the time of Rubi's diagnosis) so the post surgery care seemed daunting to say the least (6 weeks of total inactivity, no stairs, no playing with other dogs so basically put a 1 yr old dog in solitary confinement for 6 weeks). I did a lot of research and decided to try alternative therapies first before committing to such a drastic solution.

I had read a study the said the combination of Vitamin E and Selenium had been proven to reverse cataracts in dogs. I also read an antidote about someone using MSM drops (15% solution) - prior to using the MSM drops the person used flax seed oil, waited 10 - 30 minutes and then put MSM in eyes. The theory was that the flax seed oil would make the eye more permeable. I also read many reviews of Can-C, most of which indicated that use for juvenile cataracts in dogs was not successful. I ordered some anyway from Amazon :) I had not seen anything on Cineraria but thought since your site was carrying the product along with Can-C I would give it a try.

So the protocol I used with Rubi through everything at the issue - here is what I have done over the past 3-4 weeks:

1-2 drops flax seed oil
1-2 drops MSM 10 minutes after flax seed oil
1-2 drops Can-C 20 minutes after MSM
1-2 drops Cineraria 20 minutes after Can-C

I did this 4 times a day and I gave her selenium and Vit E supplements.

I am happy to say that 1 month later, I can see her retina on both sides (right eye was completely blocked and we had vet do ultrasound to see if her retina was damaged). I bought an ophthalmoscope and the cataract is gone :)

So I am wondering, do I still need to continue to put some/all of the drops in her eye or do I just keep an eye on her and start the protocol again if I see that she is developing cataracts again? I plan on continuing with the E and Selenium as I think this is good maintenance. She is genetically prone to this so I would guess that the chance of reoccurence is high.

-- J.M. Mesa, AZ April 12, 2013

I would like to share with others how much Cineraria Eye Drops have helped our 14 yr. old Lab, Sierra. We have been giving her the eye drops for about 3 weeks now. Her eyes have cleared up significantly. She has cataracts in both eyes, and they have definitely caused her vision to be impaired. After these few weeks, her eyes are much clearer, and she appears to be more active and happy as she romps around and takes her many walks.

-- Diane N. San Diego, CA June, 2012

I am currently using the MSM drops on my dog's cataracts. The vet said to use the drops first, wait a few minutes to soften the cataract, then use the cataract drops. In this way, the cataract drops will penetrate better.

-- Cheryl G. June 2012

Hello. I thought I should let you know...I purchased these cineraria eyedrops from you a couple of months ago because my dog, a 14 year old Queensland heeler named Sadie, had just begun to develop a cataract in her left eye. Just a wisp, but it was there. I searched the term "alternative cataract treatment" and found you. I applied the drops as indicated, two, twice daily, and in three weeks the wisp was gone. We finished a month treatment and have a bit left. Thank you.

-- Gerry S.

Great cataract improvement with [our] dogs using cineraria - 90% vision black - was completely white cloud - only white speckles left - took about 4 months.

-- F. Menses

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