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Reviews: Natural Products for Vision Conditions

Macular Degeneration "I just returned from my annual eye exam with my neuro-ophthalmologist and I'm thrilled to tell you that my eyesight has stabilized---there is no further progression of macular degeneration!"

Macular Hole "[My ophthalmologist] actually used the word "Wow!" when he looked at the test results. He said, 'I expected the macular hole to flatten out, but not this quickly.'"

Retinitis pigmentosa "...after 4 days without taking this formula noticed my vision to be definitely not as clear ..."

Sjogren's Syndrome " ...I went for a regular eye check up and left an astonished ophthalmologist - my eyes held no sign of Sjogren's Syndrome."

Uveitis "I haven't had to take steroids in almost 2 years!"

Free Videos "... The hotdog eye exercise is amazing, I practice this exercise regularly everyday. It does tremendously improve my current condition 'accommodation spasm'. ."

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