Natural Eye Care:

A Comprehensive Manual for Practitioners of Oriental Medicine
by Marc Grossman, O.D., L.Ac, and Michael Edson, M.S., L.Ac.
Pub. NaturalEyeCare, Inc., 2002, 230 pp

Every so often a book comes along that makes you wonder why it took so long to materialize. This book gives us the tools needed to not only make sense of the myriad of visual problems we encounter daily as professionals, but also offers us clear cut means to treat and heal these disorders.

- Jason Elias, M.A., L.Ac.,
author of The Five Elements of Self-Healing, Feminine Healing, and The A-Z Guide to Healing Herbal Remedies

Marc and Michael have given us an insightful guide into vision and eye care from both a traditional Chinese medical and western allopathic perspective. Contained within this comprehensive text is a brilliant portrayal of personality types as seen through the Chinese five element phases. One is left with a deep appreciation of how inner and outer vision shape who we are and who we can become.

- Marty Benjamin, L.Ac.,
Director of Acupuncture at Canyon Ranch

Natural Eye Care is a very impressive, beautifully written and organized book. It is definitely a must have resource for anyone in the field as it offers the only comprehensive guide to eye care viewed from both Eastern and Western perspectives.

- Debra Schwartz, M.A., C.A., L.M.T,
Assistant Dean of Studies,
The Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine