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Dear Michael, I just have to take a moment to express my appreciation to you for the products and information that you provide. I was diagnosed with glaucoma shortly after birth. I am now 60 years old. My journey led me to become a Natrapath and Clinical Nutritionist in my twenties and that knowledge truly saved my eye sight. While I do not practice now, I am an executive with a major foundation, I still live the principles and do my best to support policy and system changes that will make holistic care the norm, rather than the exception. That said, your products have helped me so much since I began taking them in July. I have shared the web address with many friends and associates. Please continue to provide this critically needed help. Sincerely,

G. C. Christopher, D.N. 01/16/2011

I am a 58 yr old woman who started your exercises [which I downloaded] did them for 4 mos and much to my SURPRISE my long [distance] vision has improved. I found that my cheater glasses were giving me trouble' [ they became too strong ] and found a pair of glasses I got over 6 yrs ago and I can see perfectly with them - am I IMPRESSED? Yes!

I need to know where to get the exercises for night blindness. What other exercises do you recommend for a person my age?

-- Thank You, C. R. Raiter