Melatonin (50) MZS 60 x 3mg Tabs

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May help stabilize macular conditions

Melatonin (50) MZS 60 x 3mg Tabs


Melatonin (Liposomal ) 2 oz (LIP26) bonded melatonin formula when taken nightly was found to help do the following:

  • Re-establish optimal circadian rhythms supporting a better sleep pattern, and in retinal repair and healing
  • Protect the retinal epithelium (RPE) from oxidative damage
  • Control eye pigmentation which protects against UV light damage from exposure to sunlight
  • Act to support a balanced endocrine system
  • Summary of Recent AMD Study

    Results After first 6 months:

    • 93% of patients have arrested or improved their ARMD condition
    • 54% of patients report additional ophthalmic improvements
    • 78% of patients had varying levels of sleep improvement and general overall improved feeling of well being
    • 0% felt worse during treatment and no side effects were noted
    • This recent study suggests that more than 90% of patients can benefit within a 6 month period

    The study reported that at 2-3 months of treatment the patients visual acuity kept stable, and that during this time vision loss was halted. For the patients who continued onward past 6 months and onto 12-months of nightly use of 3mg Melatonin Zn Se, the health of the fundus (the back portion of the interior of the eyeball) in many patients improved dramatically.

    Ref: Changxian Yi, Xiaoyan Pan, Hong Yan, Mengxiang Guo, Pierpaoli, W. Effects of Melatonin in Age-Related Macular Degeneration. Ann N.Y. Acad Sci, 2005;1057:384-392.


    Pharmaceutical grade Melatonin (3 mg), bonded with Zinc (8.7mg), and Selenium (50 mcg). Excipients: Avicel, Povidonum, Mannitol and Magnesium Stearate.

    Recommend Dosage: Directions: Take one tablet before bedtime.

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