Lipo Vision Drops 15ml (.5 oz)

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For dry eye symptoms. Organic, hexane free.

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Lipo Vision Drops 15ml (.5 oz)


New, advanced eyedrops to help relieve symptoms of dry eyes, made from all natural ingredients. This product replaces the castor oil eyedrops.

Contains a proprietary blend of coconut, sesame and castor oils. All organic and hexane free.

Drops are indicated for dry eyes, cataracts, allergy eyes, post lasik surgery. It can also be used for pets.

Ingredients: castor, coconut and sesame oil. Recommended dosage is 1 drop in each affected eye before bedtime.

Note if the drops cause any eye irritation, you can instead apply them to the eyelids.

Tears have 3 main components in balance to maintain a healthy tear film:

  • Watery (aqueous) component produced by lacrimal glands located behind the outer aspect of the upper eyelids
  • An Oily (Lipid) component produced by the meibomian glands in the eyelids
  • A mucous-like (mucin) component produced by goblet cells in the conjunctiva that covers the white of the eye (sclera

When any of these components become out of balance, dry eye syndrome can occur.

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Customer Reviews

Really works Review by Stephanie
I had Lasik surgery about seven years ago and I have suffered from chronic dry eye ever since. My eyes would hurt so bad even when I put eye drops in they would burn and water. I got sick of using regular eye drops from the local store and decided to give these a try. I'm glad I did when I first started using them I still felt a burning sensation when I would put my eye drops in but over time my eyes really started healing and I do not have any burning sensation anymore from chronic dry eye. The eye drops can be kind of hard to get out if the container is cold so I always keep it upside down. Also it does get on your face under your eyes and it looks greasy but if you have chronic dry eye like I used to that's a small price to pay! (Reviewed in 2020)
Saved my life Review by Nicky
I love this product is improving my corneal ectasia tremendously (Reviewed in 2018)

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