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Related Studies

Over a six month period, compared with beginning conditions, 41.5% of the eyes treated with NAC presented a significant improvement of lens transparency. 90.0% of the eyes showed a gradual improvement to 7-100% and 88.9% of the eyes showed a 27-100% improvement in glare sensitivity.
Peptides 2001 Jun;22(6):979-94

Chinese and Russian researchers completed a study that The result showed that carnosine gives a pronounced effect on primary senile cataracts, the effective rate being 100%. For mature senile cataracts, the effect rate was 80%.
Wang AM, et al. Use of carnosine as a natural anti-senescence drug for human beings. Department of Biochemistry and Department of Neurobiology, Harbin Medical University, China 1999.

After six months, a full 90% of eyes treated with N-acetyl-carnosine showed improvements in visual acuity ranging from 7% to 100%. Glare sensitivity improved 27% to 100% in 88.9% of carnosine recipients, and image analysis (a measurement of visual clarity) improved in 41.5% of treated eyes.
Babizhayev M, et al. Efficacy of N-acetylcarnosine in the treatment of cataracts. Drugs Research & Development 2002; 3(2):87-103.

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Customer Reviews

Significant improvements Review by Rhonda W., Olathe, KS
After only 2 months of using your supplements for early stages of [lens problem] and [vitreous problem], I noticed the following significant improvements in my eyes:

Previously, I could not bend over or put my head down for more than a few seconds (as when cleaning the floor) as it would cause extreme pressure and discomfort in my eyes. After using the supplements for only 2 months, I could put my head down for as long as I wanted with no pressure/discomfort sensation.

Previously, I needed glasses for night vision, but after taking the supplements I was able to see to drive at night better without my glasses!
Thirdly, I noticed a great reduction in a cloudiness or glare in my vision (which I wasn't even aware of until it went away!)

Fourthly, previously, when I would rub my eyes or look quickly back and forth, I could hear a kind of clicking and/or squishy sound in my eyes which greatly concerned me. After the supplements, this squishy/clicking noise totally went away! All this after only 2 months of use! All I can say is "Bless You!" for the all wonderful work you do in eye care! I'm so grateful I found your website! (Reviewed in 2016)

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