Castor Oil (organic) Eyedrops 2oz

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Excellent eyedrops for dry eyes and other external eye issues.

Castor Oil (organic) Eyedrops 2oz


This formula contains 100% pure expeller pressed organic castor oil, hexane free.

Helpful for dry eyes particularly during the night.

Recommended dosage is 1 drop in each eye at bedtime.

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Customer Reviews

My wife has Sjogrens. Please help Review by David
Good Morning, I’m going to buy these drops for my wife who is dealing with very dry eyes from Sjogrens. It’s so bad her eye lids stick together. I see Darleen has an alternative use for drop so if you see this please drop a comment or update on the page. Will keep you all updated on progress with drops.


Yes, castor oil at bedtime is helpful.. Also, we have a number of other suggestion such as Dr. Grossman's Maxitears formula, Dr. Grossman's Omega-7 and Optase Dry Eye Eyedrops. From the shop product list you can find those items. (Reviewed in 2020)
Great Results Review by Rchelle
These eyedrops work wonders on my eyesight
Amazing! (Reviewed in 2019)
Healed sore eyes Review by Merryn
Thank you so much for recommending the castor oil drops – they healed my sore eye completely. (Reviewed in 2019)
Corneal abrasions improved Review by Melissa
Castor oil and ortho k drops were the best products for me. After having procedures done, using numerous products.. I had begun to think I would have reoccurring corneal abrasions for the rest of my life. After three months of using castor oil two drops in both eyes day and night and ortho k drops daily my corneal abrasion healed! When I went to the doctors for a check up she had me write down the products I have been using so she could share it with her other patients. I am forever grateful!
(Reviewed in 2019)
Miraculous! Review by Darleen
This Caster Oil gave me a life back after Ocular Shingles and resulting Sjogrens. Michael recommended massaging Oil in the temple, eyebrow and under eye areas; relief was noticed the first day.
Instilling IN my eye burned too badly but Michael cared enuf to offer an alternative that was a miracle for me.
I thank God for him and his product but mostly for caring to think "out the box" for people who suffer. (Reviewed in 2019)
pretty amazing but messy stuff! Review by sootheme
instantly soothing to irritated eyes...i use every night at bedtime and sometimes midday. very healing substance...such sweet relief! however, the dropper drips even when not intended to, and castor oil is a heavy oil so be ready with tissue to manage the collateral drippage!, (Reviewed in 2019)
Good medication Review by Waziri
Excellent (Reviewed in 2017)

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