Cataract Oral Pellets

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Indicated to halt or slow the progression of cataracts.

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Cataract Oral Pellets


Oral Cataract Pellets

-According to homeopathic principles, in which minute amounts of animal, mineral and/or plant ingredients are employed on the principle of like treats like - this homeopathic remedity is recommended to slow the progression or even reverse cataract in the eyes.
-Take two pellets three times per day.
-Oral Pellets vs. Eye Drops:
These pellets contain the same active homeopathic ingredients that are in homeopathic cataract eye drops except that they are one potency higher.
-Activehomeopathic ingredients:
-Cineraria Maritima HPUS 6X: Cineraria is traditionally recognized as a safe ingredient tosafely promote circulation of lymph in intraocular tissues and also stimulating general circulation in the body and normal metabolism.
-Euphrasia HPUS 7x: This is the most widely used natural ingredient for the eye and is often referred to as a "tonic-for the eyes." It is recommended for cataract with watery eyes, opacities of the cornea after injury, pain in the eye, dryness,-redness and edema, itching, burning of the eyes and lids.
-Causticum HPUS 7X: Indicated for cataract with motor disturbances, eye pain with inclination to rub eyes, -vision obscured as from gauze, sparks or dark spots before the eye.
-Silicea HPUS 10X: Indicated for spotted vision, cataract, opacities, keratitis
-Calcarea phosphorica HPUS 11X: Indicated for blurry vision, eye pain from reading, foreign body sensation.
-Sepia HPUS 7X: Indicated for the symptoms of seeing black spots, veils, points, sparks, flashes and streaks of-light. Cataract.
-Calcarea flourica HPUS 11X: Indicated for Cataract, corneal opacities, keratitis, flickering and spots before-eyes.
-Inactive ingredients: Lactose/sucrose pellets.
-Proprietary product of:
-Natural Ophthalmics, Inc.


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