Digestin 250 caps

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Digestive support

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Digestin 250 caps


The digestive enzymes contained in Digestin operate on a two step principle - first releasing some enzymes to the stomach to directly assist with absorption of nutrients as well as providing support for healing and repair of stomach tissues, and second, releasing different enzymes to the upper intestine where digestion and absorption are continued for fats, proteins, and plant fibers, including gluten.

Each capsule contains:
Pepsin 30 mg,
Betaine HCL 115 mg,
Stomach Substance 5 mg,
Pancrelipase 100 mg,
Papain 100 mg,
Cellulase 2 mg,
Duodenal Substance (from porcine source) 5 mg,
Ox Bile Extract 50 mg.

Suggested use:
One capsule daily with a meal, or more, as directed by your medical provider.

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