Dry Eye Package 1

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For symptoms of dry eyes and keep the eyes lubricated. 10% discount.

Dry Eye Package 1


This package is designed to help support dry eyes, produce tears naturally. internally moisten the body and reduce inflammation.

Package content includes:

  • HylaTears Eyedrops - preservative free eyedrops that helps keep the eyes moist.
  • Maxi Tears softgels are designed to reduce dry eye symptoms and address the underlying causes of dry eyes as well.
  • Vision Boost (wild crafted herbal formula) 2 oz. - Kidney (yin) and adrenal boosting tonic used in Chinese medicine to support water metabolism throughout the body and natural tear production. Supports overall health including bone health.


There are two other dry eye packages:

Dry Eye Package 2 adds turmeric to the package 2 combination.

Dry Eye Package 3 uses a warm compress mask package.

Discount package saves 10% off retail price.

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