Eye Pressure Support with Mirtogenol

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Supports eye pressure for those with normal IOP

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Eye Pressure Support with Mirtogenol


Eye Pressure Support with Mirtogenol

With aging the vitreous humour located within your eye changes its character, becoming thinner and more watery and if the channels which provide for cleansing clog, the amount of fluid may increase, which in turn, increases pressure from within the center of the eye on the optic nerve. These changes give rise to many varieties of vision problems commonly associated with aging.

European scientists have developed a proprietary formulation, Mirtogenol® which appears to support a healthy range for intraocular eye pressure.1 The formulation includes several important herbs for vision health including extracts of bilberry and martitime pine bark.

120 mg of Mirtogenol®

Supplement Facts Serving Size 1 vcap
30 Servings Per jar

Other ingredients: rice flour, vegetable cellulose capsule, vegetable stearate.
Contains rice.
Suggested use Take one capsule a day, with food, in the morning, or as recommended by your medical provider.
If needed, take one additional capsule in the evening with food.

Warnings Keep away from reach of children
Please check with your physician if taking prescribed medications, or if you are pregnant or lactating.


1. Clin Ophthalmol. 2010 May 14;4:471-6.

Customer Reviews

Glaucoma and Uveitis Review by Oscar
I developed glaucoma due to uveitis since 2005 in my right eye. I had trabeculectomy in 2006 and the eye pressure was controlled but now the pressure is up again (30-35) despite eye drops and meds. Do you think this supplement would help? What is good for Uveitis?

Here's the answer from the doc:

For the high IOP, the Eye Pressure Support Formula would probably not help much (for normal IOP). From a supplement perspective, you can try the following:

1) In 1995, there was a study where patients were given 10grams per day of vitamin C (we suggest buffered Vitamin C), or just below the level that causes loose stools. The results were generally lowering IOP 10 points.
2) Coleus Forkohlii (taken orally) - can help lower IOP 3-5 points
3) Optic Nerve Support Formula - helps protect the optic nerve from damage.
4) AminoProp - helps protect the optic nerve from damage.

The high levels of vitamin C and Optic Nerve Support Formula may help with the uveitis. For uveitis, I would suggest at least adding the Krill Oil Premium Formula as well.

You can call us at 845.255.8222 with any specific questions. (Reviewed in 2015)

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