Glaucoma Homeopathic Pellets

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Helps support the optic nerve & reduce IOP

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Glaucoma Homeopathic Pellets


Glaucoma homeopathic formula

Homeopathic Medicine For Oral Use

These homeopathic pellets softly stimulate the health and vitality of the ocular nerve and help protect the eye from the effects of glaucoma. Glaucoma is a serious condition - get regular checkups from a qualified eye doctor and closely monitor the disease. See a doctor immediately if pain or blurry vision occurs.

1 oz size.

Active homeopathic ingredients:
Arnica HPUS 12x;
Gelsemium HPUS 6c;
Phosphorus HPUS 12x;
Physostigma HPUS 12x
Lycopodium HPUS 12c.

Take one to three pellet twice a day or as directed by your eye doctor.

Ask your medical provider to review all of your medications to determine compatibility.

Customer Reviews

Glaucoma Pellets Review by Gillie Bean
I recently finished the first bottle of these pellets... my eyes felt good, more comfortable and clearer. I also had beginning cataracts and have been using the Cineraria Cataract drops, so it could be a combination, but I definitely began to see clearer within a few days of beginning to use these products. I just ran out of both items and I'm re-ordering. I would most certainly recommend to any person with similar problems. I am a Senior Citizen, fortunately I do not take any medicines or drugs, for those that do, please be sure to talk to your Doctor when starting new products, although, in general, I believe Homeopathic products, when used as suggested, are safe to use even if you are on medications, but check first. (Reviewed in 2014)

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