Glucose Support Formula 60 vcaps

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Essential nutrients for blood sugar support.

Glucose Support Formula 60 vcaps


Glucose Support Formula by Pure Encapsulations (Healthcare Practitioner Brands).

This formula contains several ingredients that act together to support normal blood sugar levels.

Gymnema sylvestre, commonly known as cowplant, when chewed, blocks the sweet taste. It has been used as a traditional treatment for diabetes for more than 2,000 years. Clinical trials have demonstrated that it reduces glycated hemoglobin levels, in other words, degree of regulation of glucose in the blood. This product has been standardized to contain 75% gymnemic acids which provide nutritional support to cells that create insulin in the pancreas.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a powerful antioxidant that also supports normal levels of glucose in the blood.

Two other ingredients are adaptogens - plants that help to main stability in physiological functions in the body. The formulation contains two forms of ginseng that act as adaptogens.

Maitake mushrooms also support healthy levels of glucose in the blood.

This formula also utilizes chromium/nicotinic acid to support metabolism of glucose and fat in the body.

Ingredients per vcapsule:

  • maitake (Grifola frondosa) extract 4:1 200 mg.
  • alpha lipoic acid 100 mg.
  • Panax ginseng extract 100 mg.
  • Eleutherococcus senticosus extract 100 mg.
  • Gymnema sylvestre 75 mg.
  • chromium (polynicotinate) providing: nicotinic acid 1,480 mcg and chromium 200 mcg
  • Other ingredients include: hypo-allergenic plant fiber added to complete capsule volume requirement

Recommended Use:
one to two vegetarian capsules daily, each with a meal.

Related Research

Use of Gymnema sylvestre leaf extract in the control of blood glucose in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
In this study, GS4, a water-soluble Gymnema extract, was administered at 400 mg/day to patients on insulin therapy. The researchers found that the need for insulin was reduced in addition to more normal fasting blood glucose, glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1c), and glycosylated plasma protein levels. The therapy possibly regenerates and revitalizes insulin producing cells.
Ref: Shanmugasundaram ER, et al, J Ethnopharmacol 1990 Oct;30(3):281-94.

Antidiabetic effect of a leaf extract from Gymnema sylvestre in non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus patients
This study reviewed the effectiveness of GS4 which an extract from the leaves of Gymnema sylvestre in controlling hyperglycaemia. 22 Type 2 diabetic patients on conventional oral anti-hyperglycaemic agents participated in this study. GS4 (400 mg/day) was administered for 18-20 months as a supplement to the conventional oral drugs. During GS4 supplementation the patients showed a significant reduction in blood glucose, glycosylated haemoglobin and glycosylated plasmaproteins. Conventional drug dosage was able to be decreased. Five of the 22 diabetic patients were able to discontinue their conventional drug and maintain their blood glucose homeostasis with GS4 alone. The study results suggest that the beta cells may be regenerated/repaired in Type 2 diabetic patients on GS4 supplementation. This is supported by the appearance of raised insulin levels in the serum of patients after GS4 supplementation.
Baskaran K, Kizar Ahamath B, Radha Shanmugasundaram K, Shanmugasundaram ER. J. Ethnopharmacol 1990 Oct;30(3):295-300.

Efficacy of ginseng drugs in experimental insulin-dependent diabetes and toxic hepatitis

This analysis looked at drugs obtained from the roots and leaves of plantation ginseng and ginseng root tissue culture displayed a high antidiabetic-and hepatoprotective activity in experiments on mice and rats. The analysis showed the following results: 1) in alloxan diabetes these adaptogenic phyto-agents prevented-alloxan-induced activation of processes of lipid peroxidation in the pancreas and demonstrated definite insulinogenic properties, 2) -they increased the basal content of insulin in blood and the glucose-dependent secretion of this hormone. In CCl4 acute toxic-hepatitis the studies ginseng drugs reduced the disorders of hepatic detoxification and glycogen-synthesizing functions.
Ref: Davydov VV, Molokovskii DS, Limarenko AIu. Patol Fiziol Eksp Ter 1990 Sep-Oct;(5):49-52.

Isolation and hypoglycemic activity of panaxans I, J, K and L, glycans of Panax ginseng roots

From an aqueous extract of the Oriental crude drug "ninjin" (ginseng), Panax ginseng roots from Korea, four glycans, panaxans-I, J, K and L, have been isolated. These isolated components showed a remarkable reduction in blood sugar levels in normal and alloxan- induced-hyperglycemic mice.
Ref: Oshima Y, Konno C, Hikino H. J Ethnopharmacol 1985 Nov-Dec;14(2-3):255-9.

Early animal studies suggested that lipoic acid could be helpful for human diabetic conditions because it reduced oxidative stress on nerve cells impacted by diabetes, improved nerve message transmission, normalized blood glucose levels, enhanced capacity of muscles to utilize glucose. More recent studies with human patients appear to support these conclusions.

2011: Efficacy and safety of antioxidant treatment with A-lipoic acid over four years in diabetic polyneuropathy.

Improvement of insulin sensitivity in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus after oral administration of alpha-lipoic acid.

Likewise, there has been some research suggesting that ginseng may be helpful.

Ginseng therapy in non-insulin-dependent diabetic patients

Evidence for synergism between chromium and nicotinic acid in the control of glucose tolerance in elderly humans
This found that deficiencies in nicotinic acid in the diet were connected to the inability to metabolism chromium, which has a role in insulin production.
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Anti-diabetic activity present in the fruit body of Grifola frondosa (Maitake) I This animal study noted that oral maitake lowered blood glucose.
Kubo K, Aoki H, Nanba H. Biol Pharm Bull 1994 Aug;17(8):1106-10.

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