Liu Wei Di Huang Wan 120 tabs

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Supports rebalancing excessive YIN conditions.

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Liu Wei Di Huang Wan 120 tabs


Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (Rehmannia 6) 120 tabs

Liu Wei Di Huang Wan is also known as six flavor tea pills. This traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) formulation helps to sooth and nourish many conditions that commonly arise with age, known as Yin conditions. It supports liver meridian health, which is associated in TCM with vision conditions.

Preparata Rehmanniae Radix 32.0%, contains vitamins A, B, C and D
Corni Fructus (cornelian cherry) 16.0% supports liver meridian health, sperm motility
Dioscorea Rhizoma 16.0% (Chinese yam) supports spleen, lung and kidney meridians in TCM
Alismatis Rhizoma 12.0% (water plantain) supports liver meridian and may help with allergies
Moutan Radicis Cortex 12.0% (peony root) has anti-micro-organism and anti-inflammatory qualities
Hoelen 12.0% (poria mushroom), used in TCM for memory loss, anxiety, insomia, digestive problems

Usage: Adults may take 5 to 7 tablets two to three times daily, or dissolve into one cup of warm water as tea, 2 to 3 times a day or as directed by your medical practitioner.

Note: consult your medical practitioner before taking if you have a cold or are pregnant.

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